New Prices Explained + A BIG Surprise

To Our Dear CUSA Fans,

As you all know, the starting ticket prices have risen this year. Believe us, we understand this is not ideal for any of you. To help explain this big change, we have written this blog to detail some of the factors that have forced us to make these decisions.

The festival industry has experienced DRASTIC change over the last 20 and even 10 years. With the advent of digital music that is easily downloadable over the internet, the record industry saw major setbacks. This affected nearly every facet of the music industry, most prominently, the record businesses and the artist’s themselves. With this change in the model of the industry, the artists have turned to live music performance to make up for this drop in record sales. Festivals have been forced to help contribute a large portion of this chunk that the record business lost.

This creates an obvious burden and struggle upon festivals like Country USA. Sure, we all know that inflation is inevitable and costs will always rise, but this is something more drastic and rapid. This chart will illustrate just how rapid the cost of talent has risen for Country USA:

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 7.19.14 PM

In 1996, we began with a budget of roughly $750,000 for talent. As the chart shows, the cost of talent has nearly quadrupled in 20 years, with the most drastic change being in the last five. Now, in 2016, our talent budget is near 2.8 million dollars.

We have always prided ourselves on the premise of having one of the cheapest festival tickets in the entire country! We have always tried to keep the costs of admission as low as possible. Once you add in the other fees that are associated such as parking, tax, etc., our total cost is still one of the lowest in the country. So, over 20 years, our costs of talent have increased by almost four times, and our ticket prices have stayed roughly the same. This simply just isn’t feasible for us anymore.

We know this isn’t ideal. The ticket price is not what you are used to from Country USA. Just as a quick comparison, here are some prices from other country festivals around the nation:

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 7.13.18 PM

As you can see, we are still one of the lowest prices in the country by FAR!

We could cut costs way, way back in many areas including talent, but this is not what we see from CUSA, and we also think, this is not what you would want. The Starshow team and the CUSA fans have built a truly special festival, from top to bottom, and we don’t want to deliver anything less than what you have come to know. We would hate to see this awesome brand be something far less than what it has grown to become.

Here at Starshow Presents, we are going to continue to do everything we can to keep the costs low, and the experience high. We completely understand that this increase in price is not what everyone wants from CUSA, but simply put, this is what needs to happen in order to stay in business. We are always open to criticism and input on how we can become a better festival so please continue to be the voice of our wonderful fans! With your help, we know we can become something even greater over the next 20 years of COUNTRY USA. Thank you to all of your loyal fans who have stuck with us through thick and thin. Our promise to you is that we are going to continue to grow and deliver something more special each and every year.

P.S. Stay tuned to CUSA Facebook and Twitter for a HUGE surprise that we think will ease this transition. You WON’T Disappointed.

-The Starshow Team


BIG Improvements to CUSA 2015 and BEYOND!

We have always done our absolute best to bring you the maximum festival experience! This year we have focused on improving both the VIP and CAMPING experience! We know you will love to hear about these great new things we are doing so keep reading!

VIP CATERING: For our 20th year celebration, we are excited to announce a partnership with a new caterer: The Marq by Festival Foods! This new partnership will bring all sorts of fresh ideas and great food to the VIP Experience that you all will love! The Marq will be bringing in new, fun themed menus including: Mexican Night, Italian Night, Build-Your-Own Burgers, and more! They are even going to bring a full-on, slow roasted, Wisconsin style pig roast to the VIP tent! Needless to say… The VIP experience at Country USA 2015, sponsored by The Marq and Festival Foods, will be one you don’t want to miss!

CUSA CAMPGROUNDS: 2015 marks the beginning of a multi-year process in improving the Country USA campgrounds. We have taken on an enormous plan to fix drainage and accessibility issues. When CUSA gets 3 or more days of down-pour, it is very difficult to maintain the integrity of our beautiful grounds. Although it is not possible to take total control of the situation, we do want to improve upon what we can control. With that, we are adding drainage swales, adding retention ponds, re-grading, and so much more. This is all an attempt to help our grounds take heavy amounts of rain and still be accessible and in as good of shape as possible. We have accomplished a great chunk of these projects this year, but plan to continue this process over the next three years. This year our projects will not be 100% complete but we can say this: Camping at Country USA 2015 will be a blast as always and you will definitely see a greatly improved campground.

With Eric Church, Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert, and more, the 20th anniversary of CUSA is set to be a BIG one! This year marks the beginning of a new era for Country USA… 20 more years to adapt faster than ever into the best Country Festival in the nation for the best fans we could ever ask for! We know you are going to love #CUSA2015 in just a short 19 days! Country USA 2015, the 20th Anniversary of CUSA, will be one to remember.

See you there,

– The CUSA Team

CUSA Camping Sell-Out and More!


We are excited to announce that Country USA 2015 Camping is officially SOLD OUT! You did it again! Thank you!

Due to past year’s camping conditions caused by the large amount of rain, we are being as cautious as possible for 2015. As you know, we were forced to move many of our unusable sites to other areas of Ford Festival Park. This year we have placed those sites on hold in case we again experience poor grounds conditions. If these sites are in great condition and are completely usable, we will release these emergency holds and will contact those on our Camping Wait-List!  If you missed your chance to purchase a campsite before they sold out, you’re not out of luck yet: all you have to do is give our ticket center a call to be placed on our Camping Wait List (920-882-4949).

 In addition, we are making every effort to make your camping experience as enjoyable as possible. New for 2015, we are now offering the option to pre-buy your Early Campers Check-In, (Available for VIP or Electric sites only). Also, you are now able to buy extra vehicle parking ahead of time right on the website! (These items will be located in the “Add-On” tab on the Country USA shopping cart.) We think this will streamline the early check-in and extra vehicle parking process, making it as quick and easy as possible. We understand the devotion our fans have to CUSA camping, and we appreciate your continued loyalty as we strive to make the camping experience the best it can be.

The benefit of Early Check-In is being able to arrive to Country USA a day early (Monday June, 22nd 4pm-10pm) – and who can complain about an added day of partying?! Early Check-In is offered to all Electric and VIP campsites. Each site has one complimentary parking pass included. If you need additional parking you may park your vehicle on your site with extra parking pass if enough space is left, (link to extra vehicle parking).  If there is not enough space on your site, you may also park your extra vehicle in our overflow lot right on the CUSA campgrounds!

 Again, we appreciate everything our fans bring to this great festival. We will continue to listen and to improve every aspect of Country USA including the infamous camping experience.

 Thank you again for ANOTHER Country USA Camping SELL-OUT!! …and thank you for being the best fans we could ask for! See you at the party in 2015. 111 Days!

 -The Country USA Team


(The cost for Early Check-in is $25 and Extra parking is $50. If you would like to purchase this ahead of time, please check out our website at These passes will be emailed to you at the same time as your tickets and camping to print out via email late April – Early May.)

A CUSA Year At a Glance

First of all, let us just say how much we love our CUSA fans! We were blown away by the amazing response we got at our 2014 festival! Selling out all General Admission tickets, Tuesday VIP and Reserved seating, Camping, Country Club Memberships, 4-Day Reserved seating, and made last year our biggest year yet! Thank you!

We are so excited to celebrate our 20 year anniversary with another huge line-up so we decided to add another $300,000 to our lineup budget! We’re kicking off the week with Brothers Osborne, Dustin Lynch, and Grammy Award winning artist Miranda Lambert. Additionally, Lee Brice, Eli Young Band, Eric Church, Dustin Lynch, Thompson Square, Tyler Farr, and Grammy award winning artist Tim McGraw are just a few names that will be performing on the Country USA Main stage this year. 

We listened to all of you and have made some improvements this year! We adjusted our stage times, meaning our gates will open a half hour before the music begins, so you have time to get your great seats. We have also put in great effort to stay connected to the most loyal fans we could ask for! After 2014’s Country USA, we made a plan to take over social media. You can now follow your favorite music festival on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, and WordPress! In addition to making it easier than ever to stay up to date with CUSA, we also launched a brand new website in October. We did all of this to stay connect with you year-round!

Last year, we put our trust in a new ticketing operation, and what a hit that was! With our new website and Elevate Ticketing, you are now able to select your own campsites and seats when ordering online – making it easier for you to know exactly what you’re spending your money on. Now, instead of waiting by your mailbox for tickets to come via “snail mail”, you can simply refresh your emails and print off tickets at your convenience. For a more environmentally friendly approach, you can also bring any ticket up on your smartphone to be scanned. You no longer have to worry about keeping track of your tickets for months before the event- now you can simply access everything the day you arrive!

WARNING: If you purchase a ticket from a ticket broker or any third party, Country USA and/or Rock USA will not guarantee that the tickets are valid, your tickets will be confiscated, and you will be denied admission to the event. No re-sale of tickets is permitted via the internet including but not limited to eBay and Craigslist or any other interactive media except through the official Country USA and Rock USA websites. 

Again, we cannot wait to party through yet another booming year at Country USA. We wouldn’t be able to keep bringing you world class entertainment without your amazing support! Here’s to another 20 years with the best fans on Earth! Thank you so much and let the countdown to Country USA 2015 begin! 132 Days!

Hey Country USA Fans!

Let start out with a big thank you for 2014!!!  As you know for the first time in our 19 year history we sold out!

We sold out of almost everything we had to offer including all Tuesday VIP and Reserved, Country Club Pins, Reserved seats, General Admission tickets and even camping.

We added big improvements to our VIP campsites by adding roads which pushed our camping to an early sell out.  Because 2014 was an EXTREMELY wet year a lot of our sites were wet and campers got moved to dryer locations.  In an effort to avoid the same situation as last year, all those sites that were wet  will remain on hold until a week or two before the festival.  That being said there are going to be a lot less sites available and camping sales are currently WAY ahead of last year.  Don’t be disappointed…Hurry and order your campsite today!  2015 campsites will sell out much quicker than last year!

In an effort to improve your festival experience even more, we have made some very big changes and additions!  We  went with a new online ticketing  company last year and  because of this, buying tickets is easier than ever.  Thank you for the overwhelming response showing us how much you loved it.  As of 2014 we are upping our game in social media to better connect with you, our fans.  Now Country USA will have an official Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and WordPress that will all come together in our brand new user-friendly website. We are very excited to see where these new additions take us in connecting with you!

In 2014 we spent more than $300,000 than the year before on talent, and you, our loyal fans, reacted!  So  what else could we do for our 20 year anniversary than spend yet another $300,000!  The most we have ever spent for an amazing lineup will be at Country USA 2015. So far, ALL of our advance ticket sales (those ordered at the festival a year in advance) are WAY ahead of last year.  We go on sale with our $ 69/48 hour sale Thursday October 9 at  8am. We pride ourselves at STILL being the lowest festival ticket price in the country!

We are striving to improve the festival experience for you each and every year.  We want to give you the maximum value possible, from the moment you buy a ticket…to partying with your friends while listening to the BEST that Country has to offer…right up until you pull out of Ford Festival Park!

Thanks again for your loyalty and for keeping Country USA one of the biggest festivals in the USA. See you at the big party in 2015!



Country USA & Rock USA are the only authorized sellers of any and all Country USA & Rock USA tickets or camping tokens. This includes the resale by ticket brokers or agencies.
WARNING: If you purchase a ticket from a ticket broker or any third party, Country USA and/or Rock USA will not guarantee that the tickets are valid, your tickets will be confiscated and you will be denied admission to the event. No re-sale of tickets is permitted via the internet including but not limited to eBay and Craigslist or any other interactive media except through the official Country USA and Rock USA websites.