CUSA Camping Sell-Out and More!


We are excited to announce that Country USA 2015 Camping is officially SOLD OUT! You did it again! Thank you!

Due to past year’s camping conditions caused by the large amount of rain, we are being as cautious as possible for 2015. As you know, we were forced to move many of our unusable sites to other areas of Ford Festival Park. This year we have placed those sites on hold in case we again experience poor grounds conditions. If these sites are in great condition and are completely usable, we will release these emergency holds and will contact those on our Camping Wait-List!  If you missed your chance to purchase a campsite before they sold out, you’re not out of luck yet: all you have to do is give our ticket center a call to be placed on our Camping Wait List (920-882-4949).

 In addition, we are making every effort to make your camping experience as enjoyable as possible. New for 2015, we are now offering the option to pre-buy your Early Campers Check-In, (Available for VIP or Electric sites only). Also, you are now able to buy extra vehicle parking ahead of time right on the website! (These items will be located in the “Add-On” tab on the Country USA shopping cart.) We think this will streamline the early check-in and extra vehicle parking process, making it as quick and easy as possible. We understand the devotion our fans have to CUSA camping, and we appreciate your continued loyalty as we strive to make the camping experience the best it can be.

The benefit of Early Check-In is being able to arrive to Country USA a day early (Monday June, 22nd 4pm-10pm) – and who can complain about an added day of partying?! Early Check-In is offered to all Electric and VIP campsites. Each site has one complimentary parking pass included. If you need additional parking you may park your vehicle on your site with extra parking pass if enough space is left, (link to extra vehicle parking).  If there is not enough space on your site, you may also park your extra vehicle in our overflow lot right on the CUSA campgrounds!

 Again, we appreciate everything our fans bring to this great festival. We will continue to listen and to improve every aspect of Country USA including the infamous camping experience.

 Thank you again for ANOTHER Country USA Camping SELL-OUT!! …and thank you for being the best fans we could ask for! See you at the party in 2015. 111 Days!

 -The Country USA Team


(The cost for Early Check-in is $25 and Extra parking is $50. If you would like to purchase this ahead of time, please check out our website at These passes will be emailed to you at the same time as your tickets and camping to print out via email late April – Early May.)