• Patron assumes complete risk and responsibility for any and all loss, theft, damage or injury to person or property including electric damage. No liability is assumed by event, owners, managers, promoters, sponsors or others associated with the event.
  • Event will take place RAIN or SHINE.
  • All acts advertised have confirmed their appearance; however, acts are subject to change without notice. There will be no refunds, exchanges or cancellations resulting from the failure of any act to appear at the festival.
  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL – no refunds, exchanges or cancellations.
  • Event is not responsible for lost, stolen, or forgotten tickets or passes, or replacement of wristbands.
  • Your ticket/campsite barcode may only be scanned no more than once. Once scanned, the individual bar code on it will be de-activated in our system. The individual bar code on it will be recorded with the date, time and specific gate and rendered “complete”. This means thatONLY THE FIRST SCAN GETS INTO THE GATES. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to secure the barcodes to be sure they are legitimately used. Illegal copies will not be honored.
  • Country USA, Rock USA and Festival Foods are the only authorized sellers of any and all Country USA & Rock USA tickets or camping tokens. This includes the resale by ticket brokers or agencies.
    • Country USA, Rock USA and Festival Foods are the only authorized sellers of any and all Country USA & Rock USA tickets or camping tokens. This includes the resale by ticket brokers or agencies.
  • Roadside sales and any other scalped tickets will not be honored.
  • Food and Beverage carry-ins are not allowed in concert area.
  • All persons, bags or other items are subject to search when entering concert grounds.
  • Bring your own chair for general admission seating in concert area. Lounge chairs & blankets used for seating are prohibited.
  • Complimentary tickets cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • All wristbands are non-transferrable.
  • In addition to a Daily, Weekend OR Reserved wristband, every patron must have one of the following:
    • VIP Wristband
    • Camping Wristband
    • Employee Wristband
    • An Authorized Alcohol Wristband required if you will be drinking alcoholic beverages on the festival grounds (Campsites excluded)
    • Safety/Parking Wristband. Safety/Parking Wristbands are provided with the on-site parking fee. $5.00 Safety/Parking Wristband is required for all off-site parking patrons. A new Safety/Parking Wristband will need to be purchased each day you attend the shows
  • No unauthorized audio or video recording is allowed in concert area.
  • No advertising or solicitation of any kind! This includes signs, banners, & flags with the exception of event sponsors (No offensive signs or banners). No camper will be permitted to engage in any private business. No sale of food, beverages, merchandise or any other goods/services.
  • No party is allowed to reproduce, print, sell, promote, give away, or solicit ANY items or property that bear the name(s) or logo(s) of the FESTIVAL AND/OR THE ENTERTAINERS IN WHOLE OR IN PART. Anyone doing so is infringing on Trademark rights and jurisdictions and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Your car pass MUST be attached to the driver side of your vehicle windshield and are non-transferable.
  • No overnight parking in the parking lots. All vehicles will be ticketed and towed after 1am. Illegally parked vehicles will be towed.
  • Vehicles are subject to search upon entry and while vehicles are on the festival grounds. Festival Staff will be searching for items such as fireworks, weapons, illegal drugs, off road vehicles & for people sneaking in illegally. Anyone on the Festival grounds without the proper ticket/wristband is subject to a fine of $1,000 for trespassing.
  • No golf carts, boats, power scooters, dirt bikes, or ATVs are allowed on site. No cruising on motorcycles or in vehicles within the campground or parking lots.
  • Concealed and/or carried with a permit WEAPONS PROHIBITED and will be confiscated.
  • Fireworks are prohibited.
  • Under Age Drinking will NOT be permitted. Violators will be arrested.
  • Have your ID with you at all times. You will need it to purchase alcohol or to enter bar areas.
  • Please be advised that by attending the event you are implicitly agreeing that Country USA & Rock USA may use any photos taken of you by our photographers for promotional purposes, and your image may be used on our website, TV spots, or printed materials.
    • Citations and/or arrest by a law enforcement officer.
    • Temporary or permanent ejections of the responsible person and or vehicle from the campsite and/or festival site.
    • Management reserves the right to eject anyone at any time at its sole discretion. No refunds will be issued for any ejection.

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